Synolon is a startup incubator and business accelerator, who designs and prototypes smart and innovative business models, solutions, applications and services for various industries that meet existing and future requirements or market needs. It unites arts and technology, design and science, from vision to reality, from concept to system and from idea to product.
Synolon consists of a close team of innovative and creative business and software developers who see the digital transformation of industries, driven by the development of internet technologies as a chance to redesign the future. Synolon inspires and helps all with DEVnet affiliated and associated companies, organizations, institutions, and individuals across all industries to transform ideas into applied innovations and seems to solve impossible business and technical challenges with previously unimaginable solutions.
Our overall vision is to play an active role in the digital transformation of industries, which is driven by internet technologies.
Theofanis Alexandropoulos | Executive Director
Markus Hemm | Marketing
Niklas Rodewig | User Experience
Enterprise Architecture
Digital Transformation
Business Development
Business Strategy
Persuasive Technologies
Software Design
Software Development
Game Design
Game Development
Complex Systems
Distributed Systems
Decentralised Systems
Realtime Programming
Financial Services
Financial Management Services
Financial Markets
Financial Services
Financial Management Services
Financial Services
Gaming and Entertainment
Cross Media Services
Transportation and Logistics
Manufacturing Industries
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